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Gathering around some good food and drinks is a great way to connect with people! In attending CIO Forum lunches with vTech, I have met and connected with technology business leaders from the greater Cleveland/Akron area who share similar challenges in a variety of environments. The mix of business and pleasure makes for an effective time to both chat about the weather and brainstorm technology solutions in one get-together. Highly recommended!

Chad R. Voller, MCP, PMP, ITIL

As the CIO at a private school, I see a wide spectrum of technical opportunities and challenges on a daily basis. Sharing these events with my contemporaries in a relaxed, yet productive environment allows me to think through and process resolutions, resulting in less stress for me, and happier, more protected workers.

Sam Lindsay, MSIS

I do see these CIO forum as beneficial. It enables me to connect and learn from other CIO’s in the area. Topics include: hurricane lessons learned, resourcing challenges, lesson learned on new technologies, etc. I found this latest one where we highlighted security and brought our CSO very beneficial. I really look forward to the next one where we will talk about the European laws and impact to USA companies. I belong to Gartner, but that medium doesn’t address our locally geographic items.

Donna Slyster, CIO

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